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Welcome to EGRich for your In-game Items demands.No matter what kind of MMORPG you are playing, items are essential to enchance the gaming experience. Players’ characters usually earn items from killing monsters or beasts that do drop items in the form of treasure that they can loot. Most of the desired items are drawn haphazardly from a specific item class for monster of that kind.
However, it is not always easy to earn some of the game items because some are rare and extremely hard to find. Sometimes you may spend days searching in game for a certain item that you need to defeat a particular enemy but end up with nothing. What makes it worse is that certain items can only be used or worn by specific classes. as some epic items are soulbouded by pickup or a relevant action.EGRich has a wide range of items for you to select. We almost have everything you need from hard-to-find weapons to epics. These items available on the site to be sold are from professional players who are high efficient in game. 24*7 LiveChat Support makes your purchasing process easy, fast and convenient.