Beautemer you know obese on and 23rd my guys having a heart attack that night he came home in had a German choir moment eroding mission statement on my personalFacebook page town everybody and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know declared I was going to doubt fitness I sat lose weight you know change my life you know your Beautemer Attar everybody everybody’s heard that before on but I meant it and on the following day ice 24th is when everything started to change everything initially when on the road I it you know checking price Barkley on well with the small plates now train Ettrick a smaller portion size your face I can’t think drinking tons of water on up to that point I drink between eight and 12 diet cokes a day that was pretty much my fluid consumption with that Gatorades and you know an occasional wire in a pinch but water was my first choice so and micro diet start drinking gallons of water and found myself %uh yearning every 15 minutes larky .