I work for a company that provides accommodations for test takers with learning disabilities and I have a test taker who is taking their Massage Therapy Exam on 5/21 at a professional testing center in Altamonte Springs. We are looking for personal trainer who has a background in anatomy and physiology to assist the test taker by being present at the testing center, sit with them and just read the exam questions out loud to them.

The assignment pays $20/hr for the entire scheduled time, even if the exam ends early. We provide full training but all you would need to do is be present at the center, sit with the test taker and read the exam questions out loud to the test taker. The test taker is responsible for marking their answers on the computer.

If interested, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 571-989-3693. We would appreciate your assistance as this would allow the test taker to sit for their certification.

Tina B