My wife and I are both looking to start up our own gym. Our plan is to not have it like every other mainstream gym (golds,rush,peak,ymca) where you just go in and go at your own pace. Most of those places have tons of treadmills, elypitcals, free weights, and some machines). My wife and I are wanting to take it to more of a personal level with trainging either being one on one or in a small group setting. Our goal is to target ages 7 and up. Anywhere from big time college prospects to 70 year old men and women looking to stay in shape and everything in between. We are also wanting to offer scholarship programs to all those who may not have the money to join and workout. Instead of turning them away we would love to train them under the scholarship which basically would allow them unlimited training for a 12 month time period. Sorry if all of thise seems like a bunch of ramble