After a lot of thought and consideration, my wife (Christie) and I have decided it’s time to sell the gym. The main reason that we decided to sell is because of my health. I had an accident a few years ago that resulted in multiple surgeries. Because of our training style, the job is physically demanding – even more so because we can train up to 8 people at a time. When I was in good health, the physical demand was never a problem. Since the surgeries, I have not been in good health and therefore have not had a chance to heal.
Here are the reasons why it’s literally risk-free for whomever buys the gym.

1. Technically, the gym is only 3 years old (in current location), even though we have been in business for almost 8 years.
2. We have made sure that PF Redondo Beach has a great reputation in the South Bay area.
3. Buyer will make a monthly profit with the current clients.
4. All of the custom built equipment looks like it did on day 1; we have taken excellent care of it. (The equipment was designed and built by the same people who manufacture equipment for World Gyms.)
5. Buyer will not have to do much – other than write a check, change the business license, change the lease/insurance, get the key, then do business.
6. NO start up risk. NO growing pains. This is a 100% established business with a great reputation and awesome existing clients.