I work with only women between ages 21-40 and do 1/1 and partner training. It’s going well. I train outdoors and inside my home

In indoor soccer and sports center has a very large space for me to rent for 45 an hour and they want to promote me and my business. I have no experience yet with groups of more than four girls. It’s an an opportunity to leverage business. There are tons of moms and young women that I can offer services to. I have to rent the space, but they will promote me and only me.

Here are concerns:
Do I start bootcamp style classes
Do I stick with just small group and work as groups and partners
I am 5 months pregnant, should I consider hiring someone to help
Price structure
I have to provide equipment

I really want this opportunity, just struggling on what direction I should take, especially with a toddler and one on their way.