My name is Matt. I discovered this site through a Google Search. A long time fitness enthusiast, I have spent my life working in an architectural firm as a project manager. In my twenties, I was a personal trainer. Now, I am researching recertification options. My goal is to leave the world of architecture and begin a career as a Fitness Club Manager. But I worry if I am “too old.” I just turned 50 but am told that I look younger (if that matters). I am looking for advice from gym owners and other managers. Do I stand a chance? I do not have a Bachelor’s Degree but have loads of business experience managing multi-million dollar construction projects. I’d love some truthful advice. Is 50 too old? My manager at Gold’s told me that I am at the perfect age….but he is 50, too. The other thing is, I can relocate anywhere in the USA. I have no ties.

This is not a “job request.” I am truly looking for truthful opinions. Is it too late for me?

My dream Job would be to one day work for Gold’s or a national chain, traveling the country evaluating and auditing individual gyms. Thanks.