alpha zxt they can’t really think it’s not a lot like herds I’m information or resources about exactly what the difference leans in and what you can do but me differences dehydrated skin lacks water and this try skin lacks oil you can have oily skin that is also dehydrated you can try skin St hydrated so basically the dry skin prison cell as take crime repealing skin alpha zxt and flaky skin and what not okay but dehydrated skin means there’s definite lack the water in the skin I feel that putting the water back your skin using products that are meant for dehydrated skin actually take your the dry skin so I have just hydrated dry skin but dealing with the hydrated skinhead actually help with the driest it’s basically cure it I feeling you don’t have dry skin all anymore since they just started using that one creepy and stopped using all the other stuff that I was using piling on my face on there was a while there .