Action Fuel Pro you can train yourself to perform it with perfect form in fact many athletes users exercise with late or no weight is a warm up to stretch out the hams the back in the gluts so focus on Form and keep your back charged remember you only get one spines please take care of it for those of you who want to scope definition in your back you won’t Action Fuel Pro find a better program than this five exercise progression we’re going to start with the t-bar row for such a 12 then ten 10 again then eight pair mating up the wait in each set second will execute a pull-up 3 said 210 or to failure whichever comes last third is a one-arm dumbbell row three sets of 10 then 12 starting heavier then lightening up byte third set fourth will take you through the Strait own press down 3 said 215 keeping the same way and will finish /