She referred a client to me recently, and her focus is on wellness and nutrition. Both of us have a small clientele base and must be careful of our expenses. She showed me a space in her office which could accommodate at 5-6 participants. She is going to check with her clients for their interest in a basic exercise workshop of about 45 minutes-1 hour; the equipment minimal, with a focus on core and posture. In time, the potential is there for a regular class. My purposes are to gain some new personal training clients, and to keep it financially feasible for my mobile training business. She wants an option for her clients who may not want to begin with one-on-one personal training. Training under her roof adds to my credibility. What has been your approach and experience? How would you charge for a workshop? I’m not a fan of discounting services because of the expectation it creates. Thank you for your help.