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ACE professionals receive a discount to the IDEA World Convention or the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit on July 8–12, 2020 in Anaheim, CA.

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You won't want to miss these ACE and ACE Mover Academy sessions, plus over 330 more:


Speed Training—The Basics for Success in Sport

Session 201 • Thursday, July 9 • 7:30am-8:15pm

Anthony Wall, MS

Acceleration and quickness are critical components of any athletic program. Regardless of ability or experience, speed- and acceleration-based programs need to be structured and progressive in nature. In this session, you’ll discover the concept of “relative training,” and how foundational training principles for recreational and professional athletes are the same. Join Anthony, a World Masters-ranked sprinter, for this fun, dynamic and explosive practical workout session. He will lead you through a world-class agility and quickness session that will show you how to blend these skills into a seamless session that will leave you breathless…for more!


Supporting an Active, High Quality of Life for the Aging Population

Session 230 • Thursday, July 9 • 8:35-10:25am

Sabrena Jo, MS

Evolve your core training and take it to the next level! Fusing elements of Pilates, experience an integrated approach to moving from your powerhouse for total-body strength, balance and power. Tackle your complete core in six body positions, and walk away with fun, functional and unique ideas to add to your workouts. Dive deep into core stability and mobility as you learn movement complexes and strategies to build core strength, as well as improve performance and function.


Functional Movement Patterns for Older Adults

Session 272 • Thursday, July 9 • 1:45–3:35pm

Cody Sipe, PhD

The seven fundamental movement patterns can be incredibly beneficial for older adults of all ages and functional levels. In this workshop, we will cover techniques and strategies for applying the “Big 3” patterns—deadlift, squat and lunge—to this diverse group, including: teaching strategies; simple assessments to determine which clients “earn the right” to load these patterns; how to regress and progress each movement; how to deal with chronic conditions and orthopedic issues; ways to integrate muscle power training; and programming variables. There will be a considerable amount of small-group and partner work to facilitate the learning.


Unintended Consequences: Your “Healthy” Diet May Be Wrecking Your Health

Session 291 • Thursday, July 9 • 4:00-5:50pm

Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD

Eating healthy or “clean” is often a struggle our clients take on believing the change will help them lose weight, feel better, increase energy or improve athletic performance. While their intentions are excellent, the outcomes can be devastating. Come and learn why gluten-free, low-carb, Paleo, Keto and other “clean” diets could be causing far more harm than good to their long-term health. While weight loss and good health may be the goal, a higher mortality rate could be the outcome.


Improving Upper-Body Kinetic Chain Function for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Session 443 • Friday, July 10 • 9:40-11:30am

Lauren Shroyer, MS

What percentage of your clients have aches, pains or diagnosed injuries in the upper extremities? Upper-body dysfunction can have a significant negative impact on client success and well-being. This session will dig into the anatomy and biomechanics of the upper-body kinetic chain to give you a more thorough understanding of why dysfunction may occur. You will then learn how to apply and progress upper-extremity exercises to decrease shoulder and neck pain. Plus, you’ll understand how to more effectively meet the needs and goals of clients of all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes.


Let’s Play—The Science of Fitness Fun!

Session 476 • Friday, July 10 • 2:30-4:20pm

Michael Piercy, MS

Help your clients find their way to better health and fitness results through the magic of fun! This session will feature some unique ways to implement fun and creativity into your programming for improved adherence and success potential. Unlock the keys to games and play to help your clients reach the next level on the road to consistency and commitment. Redefine fitness for your clients as fun!


The Pelvic Floor: Glute Connection

Session 605 • Saturday, July 11 • 7:30–9:20am

Farel Hruska

The glutes are an integral component of a healthy pelvic floor. Learn ways to incorporate specific equipment to create incredible hip, glute and pelvic floor activation. Explore the science and exercise behind programming that is perfect for your pre- and postnatal clients or anyone else desiring pelvic floor restoration and strength.


Loaded Mobility Training: Combining Mobility, Stability and Strength in Program Design

Session 637 • Saturday, July 11 • 9:40–11:30am

John Sinclair

Many protocols promote the concept that stability must
precede mobility, which precedes strength. In this very interactive session, learn why mobility, stability and strength may be best achieved when trained together. Discover why biology loves to achieve these three outcomes together and why biomechanics are better served when mobility, stability
and strength are combined.


Coaching Conditioning for Muscle-Building Fat Loss

Session 677 • Saturday, July 11 • 2:30–4:20pm

Peter Twist, MSc

The primary goals of most new or prospective clients are to lose fat and change their body shape by adding muscle. Come experience a conditioning workout that mixes maximum fat burn with effective functional training, while loading the body in the right ways to build muscle. We’ll fine-tune the mechanics and ROM that exponentially increases muscle development, physical function and fat loss.


Move Away From Knee Pain

Session 800 • Sunday, July 12 • 7:30–9:20am

Chuck Wolf, MS

The knee is a victim of every movement a person takes. It’s often blamed for movement limitations yet in actuality, it’s dependent upon the actions of the foot, ankle and hips. Explore the biomechanics of the knee and learn how to modulate the basic lunge movement pattern to allow the knee to move in all three planes of motion. Also, discover nearly two dozen lunge variations that can help the knee move away from pain.


Move Laugh Connect—MLC MOVE

Session 824 • Sunday, July 12 • 9:40–11:30am

Carla Sottovia, PhD

MLC MOVE is a balanced program for total well-being that addresses one’s physical, emotional and social dimensions in a group setting. This is a group class designed to extend the functional years of our clients and students in a safe, relaxing and fun environment. Come move, laugh and connect with us!

Plus, don't miss this exclusive preconference session:

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103 Integrated Approach to Program Design With the Mover Method


Wednesday, July 8, 8:30am–5:30pm (1-hour lunch is on your own)

Chris Gagliardi, Todd Galati, MA, and Sabrena Jo, MS

The new ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT®) Model workshop teaches the essential skills needed for establishing and nurturing a successful client–exercise professional relationship. In this course, you will learn and apply key resources and techniques for enhancing communication, initiating and progressing healthy behavior change, administering health screens and fitness assessments, and creating and implementing unique exercise programs following the updated cardiorespiratory and muscular training components of the ACE IFT Model. This workshop provides exercise professionals with strategies to help clients make important behavioral changes that facilitate physical-activity participation and adherence, which result in lasting improvements in fitness, health and well-being.

Up to 8 CECs. Exact CECs from individual agencies are pending.