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🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates. 🎁Join Now!

🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates.  🎁Join Now!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

IDEA Holiday Prize Pack

Celebrate the season and exercise your joy! Enter to win this incredible assortment of fitness and wellness products valued at over $1,500.

  • Schwinn IC Classic Bike $1,199
  • Laird Superfood Gift Pack $144.50
  • MonkeyFeet $65.95
  • FREE access to “Get to Know Merrithew Connect” $46.99
  • Muscle Honey and Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair $39.98
  • SaunaTek™ Neoprene Vest $30.00

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Featured Deals

'Tis the season for great deals from top fitness and wellness brands. Explore our holiday gift guide.

Science of Stretch

Science of Stretch

What does it mean to be flexible? In this online course, Anatomy Trains founder Tom Myers walks you through the latest science on stretching, including the roles that fascia and your nervous system play, as well as common yoga injuries and postural patterns associated with both stiffness and hypermobility. Access this course and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 12 CECs.

Fascia Release for Yoga with Ariele Foster

Join Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT, in this online course as she explains fascia and guides you through each region of the body, detailing several self-myofascial release techniques and a complementing yoga sequence for each region. Access this online course and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 10 CECs.

Wrist Assured Gloves

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)

WAGs (Wrist Assured Gloves) are unique, patented workout gloves with wedged gel pads to relieve wrist & thumb pain. Take the stress & strain from wrists, esp. when putting weight on hands. Planks-No Problem!
Get 15% off! code: painfree @ / 800-606-4577

Lairds Superfood

Laird Superfood

Celebrate the holiday the superfood way! Our mission at Laird Superfood is to produce quality plant-based products to keep you fueled from sunrise to sunset. We believe that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you’re doing. Superfood makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Shop our Holiday Headquarters for custom-curated bundles, gift boxes, stocking stuffers, holiday recipes, and so much more! Save 10% off with code IDEA10!


Schwinn AC&trade Performance & StairMaster® SM3

Premium equipment isn’t just for elite gyms anymore. The Schwinn AC™ Performance provides an unparalleled ride, while the StairMaster® SM3 gives you the workout you’ve been missing!


SaunaTek™ Neoprene Vest

SaunaTek increases your body temperature to help shed excess water weight and maintain muscle warmth. Flexible neoprene and reinforced stitching allow for a full range of motion.


Halo® Trainer Plus

The Halo® Trainer Plus offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles, strength and overall body conditioning. Use promo code IDEAHGG25 on to save 25% off the Halo Trainer Plus before December 18th, 2020 (and free shipping for orders placed by November 30!). Plus, receive 30-day access to the Halo Trainer Plus Collection on Merrithew Connect™ with promo code IDEAHGG.


Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair

Injuries can be healed faster and better with this natural herbal gel. Elbows, knees, shoulders… Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair even heals old injuries. Get back in the game!



Wish you could lift dumbbells with your feet like you can with your hands? Do that and much more! With the unlimited versatility of MonkeyFeet, leg day will never be the same! Get 5% off when you purchase MonkeyFeet using the code GIFTGUIDE at check-out. (Take an additional 5% off Animalhouse’s Black Friday deal for a total of 20% off.)

$25 off IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Virtual event

This premier event in personal training provides in-depth coaching to take your career and business to the next level.

Coupon Code: EVEDEAL
Expires 12/31/2020

Functional Anatomy

Functional Anatomy Certificate

No bones about it—knowledge of anatomy is essential for fitness professionals, but understanding how to apply that knowledge will help you more effectively and confidently help your clients. Gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and movement so you can guide your clients better mobility, stability and alignment. Access this certificate program and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 7 CECs.

Title: Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate 301

Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate 301

Rise to the pinnacle of your profession, and guide your clients to long-term lifestyle changes! Thought leaders in nutrition and behavior change distill current research and provide proven approaches that help clients see sustainable success. IDEA’s Nutrition and Behavior Change Certificate 301 perfectly pairs evidence-based nutrition and behavioral science that will guide you in applying proven tools and techniques to help clients transform their lives. Access this certificate program and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 10 CECs.


TriggerPoint™: Total-Body Self-Myofascial Release Certificate

Injuries occur due to the muscles’ inability to tolerate the demands placed upon them. Learn how you can make an impact on your clients’ biomechanical function and injury profile with Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT). Access this certificate program and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 8 CECs

Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate 201

Learn how to ignite sustainable lifestyle change in your clients, with evidence-based research made practical. The certificate includes video courses featuring world-renowned nutrition researchers and behavior experts who will share meaningful case studies, practical how-tos, and best practices to improve your approach with clients and get past tough barriers and plateaus. Access this certificate program and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 7 CECs.

Functional Programming for the Female Client Certificate

The Functional Programming for the Female Client Certificate program was developed to give you the tools to succeed with your female clients. Learn how to tap into this huge market and set yourself apart by diving deep into the anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and most common health dysfunctions, so you can create unique programs that deliver real results. Access this certificate program and save 30% with the code GIFTS2020 and earn up to 12 CECs.

IDEA Holiday Prize Pack

One lucky winner will have an extra special holiday this year.

Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood Gift Pack

Included in the pack: Medium Ground Coffee with Functional Mushrooms, Hot Chocolate with Functional Mushrooms 8oz, Original Superfood Creamer 8oz, Pumpkin Spice Creamer 8 oz, Original Hydrate, Turmeric Creamer 8 oz, Activate, Dual Speed Frother, Go bottle 18 oz, Ohana Beanie

Schwinn IC Classic Bike

Schwinn IC Classic Bike

We are proud to introduce the IC Classic that combines the proven, traditional drive train of the IC Pro 20 with updated features of the rock-solid Studio 3. The sturdy steel frame, heavy perimeter weighted flywheel, traditional chain drive, and direct pressure brake give this bike the strength to keep it moving ride after ride.

Capelli (SAUNA TEK) - Social Media Image

SaunaTek™ Neoprene Vest

SaunaTek product is designed to increase your body’s natural heat, augmenting sweat production to help improve the results of your exercise routine. Increasing body temperature helps shed excess water weight, and maintain muscle warmth during athletic activity. Athletes and beginners alike are turning to SaunaTek to target muscle warmth in specific areas to prevent pulling.

Merrithew - Social Media Image

FREE access to “Get to Know Merrithew Connect”

Stream on-demand workouts from our team of instructors all from comfort of your home. Pay only for what you want. Mindful workouts. Expert instructors. Access on any device. No subscription. On demand.


Muscle Honey and Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair

(1 tube of each)