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Any Amount of Exercise is Good

Physical activity good for longer life span

Another study adds to growing evidence that any amount of physical activity is linked with living longer and that prolonged sitting is bad for health. Study authors support the message to “sit less—move more and more often” to promote health.

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Presence of Spotter Improves Bench Press Performance

Strength training with a spotter

New research shows that the presence of a spotter during bench press training is enough to improve training performance by reducing perceived exertion and enhancing feelings of self-efficacy. Leeds Beckett University researchers from the Centre for Human Performance in Leeds, England, conducted the study to better understand why exercisers perform better in the presence of personal
trainers, coaches or training partners.

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Prenatal Nutrition is Lacking

Prenatal nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

Based on data collected from 1,003 pregnant women between 2001 and 2014, a study in JAMA Network Open suggests that many expectant mothers in the U.S. don’t get enough of some nutrients that are vital for a healthy pregnancy.

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Healthy Diet Pays Off for Gut Health

Healthy diet improves gut microbiome

Looks like a healthy diet may help fertilize the human gut with beneficial bugs. That’s the conclusion of scientists from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston who recently compared the colonic biopsies of 34 people with their scores on a food questionnaire based on the Healthy Eating Index.

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