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Professionalizing In-Home Personal Trainers

No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself first. I’ll never forget, in my 20s, a good friend telling me (in regard to dating), “You won’t be treated with respect unless you require it.” In other words, if you want to be treated with respect and dignity, don’t accept any behavior that is less than what you want and deserve…

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Tips for Exercising on the Ball

The fitness ball is a popular and widely available tool you can utilize to help clients get results. Try these suggestions to freshen up and make the most of their workouts on the ball. 

Incorporating Pilates Principles
To enhance any exercise on the ball, use Pilates principles such as breathing, concentration, control, balanced muscular development, rhythm/flow, w…

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Heart-Opening Breathing Practice

Welcome to Inner Idea. I’m Kelly McGonigal, and today we’ll be practicing a heart-opening breathing exercise.

The intention of this practice is to dissolve restrictions of the heart—both around the physical heart center

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Plant a Garden With Kids

With the cost of produce climbing like a beanstalk, this may be the year to plant a garden. In addition to the vegetables you reap, your kids may sow many health benefits and develop good eating habits that last a lifetime.

According to a study that appeared in the April 20, 2007, issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children will eat more fruit…

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Finding Balance and Success , Part Two

As a studio manager or owner, the daily challenges you face are typical of any small business and yet particular to the wellness industry. While great plans and a passion for mind-body experiences may unlock your studio doors, the challenges don’t end when the grand-opening signs come down.

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The Oldest Americans Are the Happiest Americans

Yang charted happiness across age and racial groups and found that among 18-year-olds, white women are the happiest, with a 33% probability of being very happy, followed by white men (28%), black women (18%) and black men (15%). Differences vanish over time, however, as happiness increases. Black men and black women have just more than a 50% chance of being very happy by their late 80s, while white men and white women are close behind.

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Experience Community at the 2008 Inner IDEA® Conference

The first annual Inner  IDEA gathering, held 2 years ago, embodied mindfulness from the opening ceremony to the close. This wellness conference included  fitness opportunities and was more like a retreat than a convention. Where other industry events were primarily action oriented, the Inner IDEA Conference one emphasized inner wellness along with movement, encouraging  participants to take a deeper look into themselves as they explored  the cutting edge of mind-body-spirit health.

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Tai Chi Improves Type 2 Diabetes Control

Tai chi exercises can improve the control of type 2 diabetes, suggests a small study, published ahead of print in theBritish Journal of Sports Medicine. The research team assessed the impact of a 12-week tai chi program on the T helper cell activity of 30 patients with type 2 diabetes and 30 healthy people of the same age.

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10 Tricks to Help Remember Names

YYou’re preparing for class, and participant Jane Doe walks in early. She is “Jane Doe” to you even though she’s been coming to your class for the past 5 years. Somewhere along the way she told you her name, but for the life of you, you can’t remember it! Surely at this late stage in your teacher-student relationship it would be rude to ask her.

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Be a Standout Employee

Maybe it’s the coffee bar employee who always has a smile and knows your favorite drink. Maybe it’s the hotel clerk who follows through to ensure you have all the amenities you need. Or perhaps it’s one of your co-workers who seems to consistently anticipate the needs of managers and clients. Excellent service is easy to notice, yet is it easy to provide?

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Walking the Labyrinth

On the messy road of life, it is often challenging to determine what your next step will be, what direction you will take and which way you will turn. Perhaps that is one reason why walking a labyrinth as a meditation is so appealing: the journey is clearly marked, unobstructed and in full view. Although it twists and winds its way to the center, there are no tricks, wrong choices or dead ends. To reach your destination, all you have to do is follow the path.

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