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31 Cutting-Edge Videos Included In Bundle:

  1. Linda Lean Legs, Great Glutes: Core Linda Freeman-Webster   17. Sottovia Restoring Fundamental Movement Patterns with Corrective Strategies Carla Sottovia, PhD  
  2. Eve Fleck Body Weight Butt Blast Eve Fleck, MS   18. Trina Gray Boot Camp Mania: Beyond Chants and Camo Trina Gray  
  3. Brian Richey Techniques to Rehabilitate and Protect the Knees Brian Richey   19. Michol Dalcourt ViPR™: Strength—Incorporating Loaded Movement Into Strength Routines Michol Dalcourt  
  4. Scott Rawcliffe The New Evolution of Core Training Scott Rawcliffe   20. Abbie Appel Bombshell Back and Booty Abbie Appel  
  5. Teri Mosey Balancing Hormones Through Nutrition Teri Mosey, PhD   21. Sherri McMillan Winning Group Strength Program Design Sherri McMillan, MSc  
  6. Kim Schwabenbauer Whole Foods or Sports Nutrition Products—Hype vs. Reality Kim Schwabenbauer, RD   22. Abbie Appel HIIT Blitz Abbie Appel  
  7. Todd Durkin Boot Camp 2014 Todd Durkin, MA   23. Christina Christie Functional Exercise Progressions for Female Clients Christina Christie, PT  
  8. Carla Sottovia Understanding and Interpreting the Functional Movement Screen Carla Sottovia, PhD  
24. Shane Barnard   Miwa Natsuki, MA HIIT Kickboxing and Drills by UrbanKick Shane Barnard, JD & Miwa Natsuki, MA
  9. Cassey Ho Proven Strategies to Build Your Brand Using YouTube Cassey Ho   25. Mike Bracko Body Leverage Training—Partner Drills Mike Bracko, EdD  
  10. Fred Hoffman Can’t Resist Resistance: Circuit Training for Strength Fred Hoffman, MEd   26. Matt Truscott ViPR™ Athletic for Group Exercise Matt Truscott  
  11. Steven Hertzler Advances in Recovery Nutrition—It’s Not Just About Protein and Carbohydrates Anymore Steven Hertzler, PhD, RD   27. Linda Freeman-Webster Kick A** Strength Linda Freeman-Webster  
  12. Eve Fleck Strength and Cardio Circuit Eve Fleck, MS   28. Christina Christie Understanding the Female Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System Christina Christie, PT  
  13. Jeremy Strom Correcting Dysfunction Through Intrinsic Biomechanics Jeremy Strom   29. Krista Popowych Interval, Strength and Agility--Get Fit Quick Workout Krista Popowych  
24. Kevin Kearns   Scott OKeefe MMA Body Fat Attack Kevin Kearns & Scott O'Keefe
  30. Angie Lustrick Improve Stability and Posture with a Stability Ball by CHEK Institute Angie Lustrick  
  15. Peter Twist Sport Conditioning Goes Group! Take 2! Peter Twist, MSc   31. Teri Mosey Back to Basics with Nutrition Teri Mosey, PhD  
  16. Cody Sipe Functional Circuits for Aging Clients Cody Sipe, PhD          

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A: We begin working on editing the videos immediately after the conference and they will be complete by October 21. As soon as they are complete they will go into your account on www.ideafit.com and we will send you an email to let you know they are there.
Q: How do I access my videos once I get them?
A: When the videos are complete, you can find them by logging into your account on www.ideafit.com and going to the "My Library" tab.
Q: How long can I access my videos for?
A: You have unlimited access to these videos.
Q: When does this offer expire?
A: October 21, 2014.
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A: CECs are not included with this particular bundle. We expect to have a CEC bundle later this year. Customers that purchase this streaming video bundle will receive a special offer via email to upgrade their bundle to the CEC version.