A Handy Alternative to Counting Calories

As a fitness professional or nutrition coach, you know calories matter. Fundamentally, human body weight is controlled by energy balance-cal...

Can You Catch the Running Bug?

What do the common cold, the flu and running have in common? All three are contagious, according to a new study.

Exercise Has Significant Impact on the Cellular Level

Researchers have recently shed light on how exercise benefits the body on a cellular level. What’s more, they’ve determined a type of exercise that’s best for boosting cell health.

How Pilates Helps Athletes

Professional athletes of all kinds have discovered that adding Pilates to their training can improve performance, reduce injury, speed recov...

How Fitness Professionals Can Avoid On-the-Job Injuries

Your body is your business; protect your investment and keep your returns flowing.

Which Stretching Program Is Best for You?

Regardless of fitness level, flexibility training is vital. Here's how to figure out which technique is best for your clients.

Treat & Reduce Obesity Act of 2017 Gains Momentum

Efforts to help people with obesity may get a little more support. In April, pertinent new legislation was introduced in both the House and ...

Bike to Work, Live Longer

Here’s another way to keep the grim reaper at bay: According to experts, ditching the car or bus in favor of active commuting—es...

How Does Diet Affect the Human Microbiome?

Question: I keep hearing about the “human microbiome” and its importance for health. Could you explain how diet affects bacteria...

Short On Time? Never Miss Another Workout Again!

During my long career as a personal trainer, I’ve heard just about every excuse there is for not working out on a consistent basis, bu...

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