Zumba Transformed Me

Submitted by: Melissa Marcketta

Ewelina Mendez's Success Story

Since I my early teens, I have always struggled with my weight. I went on my first diet at age of 13, because I wanted to wear a nice dress for the end of middle school ball. Although I succeeded, it is needless to say that the results didn’t last for a long time.
My weight had a huge impact on my self esteem through high school, but I would always find an excuse as to why I was overweight. The “weight drama” continued through my twenties. Even though I managed to starve myself to a “perfect 123 lbs” (I am 5’1”) at some point (I was 23 then), the moment I started eating regular food (going out on dinner dates with my now husbandJ) I put on all the weight back“plus some.
The reality hit when I turned 30 and the scaled tipped over 188 lbs. Here I was thinking about getting pregnant, but couldn’t stand the thought that during pregnancy I would go over the “scary 200 lbs”. And that is where my journey started“ I found ZUMBA and Melissa, of course.
Thanks to Melissa’s coaching and ZUMBA I am now half way to reaching my goal weight. After only 3 months I dropped 34 pounds“ THE HEALTHY WAY!!! I am eating delicious meals that even my husband loves. And all thanks to Melissa... She is a great coach and a great well of knowledge. But the most important thing is – SHE KEEPS IT REAL! She is always there for me with the advice and healthier options for any cravings. The best thing of all is that I don’t even feel like I am on the diet. I am eating more than ever and feeling sexier than ever before.
I love my ZUMBA classes with Melissa. I am looking forward to every Monday night and Saturday morning because I know I will have lots of fun while getting the great workout; recently I have been discovering the muscles on my body I didn’t know I hadJ.
Melissa taught me how to change my eating habits and I know the weight I am losing will stay off forever. I am equipped with the right tools to face everyday food dilemmas.
Thank you Melissa for changing my life!
Zumba Love, Ewelina


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