Zuli Dropped 7% Body Fat

Submitted by: DIANA Szekely

Zuli M.'s Success Story

Diana is extremely passionate about fitness, intently focused on nutrition and its effects on the body, and genuinely cares about her clients/friends. Those 3 aspects to her professional character make her an ideal trainer and motivator! About a year ago, I began private training sessions with Diana and am extremely pleased with the content of the workouts and the results I have seen. My goals were simple. I wanted to lose 10-15 lbs, build and define lean muscle and push myself further than I have before. Eating healthy by limiting carbs, eliminating sugar as much as possible, as well as loading up on the veggies really has made a difference along with the circuit and strength training sessions. I’ve lost more than 7% body fat and I’m able to kick butt with some of the toughest exercises my body couldn’t perform 6 months ago (or collapse doing). Diana will push you and help you stay on target as well as celebrate all the “wins” (including fitting in clothes you haven’t been able to for years!). You can expect warm ups, fun but tough strength training exercises, lifting to get those toned limbs and quick bouts of cardio in each session. Honestly, the time flies by and you will feel thoroughly accomplished and energized by the end of it. Diana often incorporates new maneuvers and exercises often, adds challenges to keep her clients evolving, recommends articles and books to help her clients and all in all is a pleasure to know. Commit to positively change your body and your health with Diana. Be consistent, follow her plan and you will see success!