Z lost over 50 pounds!

Submitted by: Tamara Kellam

Z's Success Story

Z weighed 205 pounds at her heaviest after suffering from a broken foot that left her immobile for a long time. It was actually this "before" photo, taken on Halloween 2010, that inspired her to start looking at her eating habits and start changing things up. What I love about Z is when she started, she made it CLEAR that she wanted this to be a lifestyle change. Her goal wasn't to "lose weight" but to become healthier and more active. She set realistic, achievable goals and took her time! I am so proud of her and her continued efforts to set new goals and challenge herself.

"Tamara helped me jump start my weight loss goals. I was consistently losing 1lb a week before I realized that I hit a slump. My first week working with Tamara I lost 4lbs and realized that my diet needed to complement my workouts. With her help I jumped my hardest weight loss hurdles. The best part is that she helped me create sane meal plans that involved food that I actually enjoy eating. Thanks!"


Z Before


Z After