You're never to old to start feeling younger

Submitted by: Core Pilates

Don (President/Chairman of Serengeti), Bellevue, WA's Success Story

When I turned 58 I signed up for Pilates. I wanted to maintain my flexibility and increase my core strength. I am an active biker, golfer, rower and sailor. Pilates has turned out to be a great cross training for all the sports I participate in. I have worked with Nancy Wallace three times a week for two years. I turned 60 in May. Pilates is transformative and completely addictive. I am stronger and more flexible than ever. My wife says my posture is dramatically improved. My doctor says I’m a half inch taller! I would recommend Pilates to any athlete. I would recommend Nancy Wallace and Core Pilates to anyone who expects results.
 – Don (President/Chairman of Serengeti), Bellevue, WA

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