Your Mind Matters!

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Mary P.'s Success Story

“Brenda has helped me lose the most weight I have ever lost in my life, the mental weight. The first few months of us working together consisted of working through my addiction to food, emotional eating and lack of portion control. In the past, I never addressed those issues. I would lose weight the unhealthy way and when I reached my ideal weight I would get comfortable and go back to my old eating habits and the weight would creep back on. Working with Brenda has changed my life on so many different levels. I came to find that everything, habits & emotions, are connected and changing one thing means changing another so a bad habit gets broken then new healthy habit get made. It has been a difficult journey, because with success also comes obstacles so instead of justifying a bad day with a piece of cake, I replace it with a glass of water, a walk or the pride in saying no. It has been so empowering to be able to say no that I feel good and celebrate it like I won the lottery.”