You Will Walk

Submitted by: Kimberly Jones

Gerrilyn's Success Story

Gerrilyn was 49 years old and two years before I trained her she had shattered her ankle. After multiple surgeries including putting pins in to hold her bones together the doctors told her she would never walk without a cane. The physical therapists told her after a year of therapy that she wouldn't be able to flex her ankle and that the swelling would never go away.

She was referred to me by another trainer who knew I could help her. Though she had been doing the daily exercises the therapists gave her she was stuck. Within a month of us working together three days a week she could flex her ankle and walk short distances without a cane. She also lost 20 lbs and her energy sky rocketed. She said I gave her a new life.

I started working on her with manual therapy including ice and STIM to bring the swelling down and increase flexibility in her ankle. Using regular cardio machines were too painful and she was totally burnt out on the reclining stationary bike so I had her walk stairs with her arms at home until she bought a mini-stairmaster to hand walk and I showed her how to use the handbike in the gym until she gained enough mobility and balance to do the elliptical machine then stairmaster with her legs. I also worked on overall body flexibility, strengthening and stability as her balance was really poor and really scary for her at the beginning.


Gerrilyn Before


Gerrilyn After