". . . you know what you are doing and. . ."

Submitted by: Gill Schumaker

Laura's Success Story


Here is what I experienced today in session 1 on ChiRunning.
As a runner interested in a new running style to take me into the future injury free and with hopes of improving my running performance I found I had come to the right place. The first session was filled with good information presented in a logical order. There was opportunity to try out the new things I learned and to learn by observing others.
As a presenter you were excellent. I could relate to your experience of having an injury and having come from a background where different principles were stressed. I liked you so much that after a few minutes I forgot that I was mildly annoyed with your tardiness. You know what you are doing and I’m going to learn a lot from you. I’m looking forward to the next sessions.

Laura Cornell
Exercise Specialist American College of Sports Medicine
Wilmette IL