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Submitted by: Keirsten Wingo

Alison, 28 years old's Success Story

I've been training with Keirsten for the last year and a half and look forward to our twice a week training sessions. To sum it up in a few words, Keirsten is awesome! Not only is she pleasant to be around, she's also amazing at what she does. Since working with her, I've seen great results in terms of gaining muscle strength and definition. Keirsten is smart, organized, reliable, and conscientious. She's extremely thoughtful with her training, putting much thought into my workout sequence and which muscle groups to target in which order. She's very good at demonstrating new positions and clearly conveys constructive feedback on my form, ensuring that I perform moves correctly and free from injury. She's also very knowledgeable on muscle anatomy and is always able to explain to me in physiological terms why I'm sore or experiencing pain. Since working with Keirsten, in addition to being more toned, I've gained a new level of awareness of my body and have much more confidence to try new workout routines. I highly recommend her and plan to continue to work with her as long as she'll let me!