You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Submitted by: Monica Kuebler

Mark's Success Story

As one of the original clients of Fitness Elements, I would like to applaud Monica and her team for teaching an old dog new tricks! I am 59 years yound and since 2006, I have lose approximately 50 pounds of excess weight that I carried around unnecessarily for 30 years.

The Fitness Elements team evaluated me from inside out and educated me about my opportunities and goal setting to lose my excess weight to improve my overall health. My weekly accountability to myself and Coach Monica created the desire and self discipline necessary for me to establish a healthy personal eating and exercise plan to utilize for the rest of my life. sometimes the pie slices of our personal circle of time and commitments fluctuate with life's demands and challenges. The FE team has taught me that my body's condition is not perfect but it is manageable and that I am the one responsible for the success of that.
We all get off track sometimes, but my Fitness Elements training experience has given me the tools and education to always get back in focus when I stray from my discipline standards and need to regroup.

Fitness Elements made me accountable to myself and put the tools in my tool box to allow me to get the "healthy me" job done for the rest of my life! Their team is outstanding and I guarantee you will feel good about yourself from the day you contact them and make your personal commitment to change the rest of your life.