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Submitted by: Ria Zervos

Shari's Success Story

Ria was my personal trainer for 8 years and conducted weekly training sessions at my workplace for 2-1/2 years. Ria is knowledgeable, professional and conscientious, and I highly recommend her for any position within the fitness industry.

I met Ria in October of 2001 when she started working with me as my personal trainer twice a week at my home. I was very out of shape--overweight and unable to walk on a treadmill for more than a few minutes. Ria developed a fitness routine for me that encouraged me to make small changes to build up my strength and endurance. She talked with me at each of my sessions, inquiring about my activity levels and eating habits and making suggestions on how to make small lifestyle improvements. Ria understood what I did not at the time--that successful change requires consistency.

Throughout every training session, Ria was engaged and committed, and her enthusiasm and encouragement made me look forward to her visits. Less than a year after starting with Ria, in September of 2002, I completed my first triathlon at the age of 42, which was a major testament to how successful Ria's training had been for me. Over the years, I've participated in numerous triathlons, running events (including a marathon), and cycling rides (including the two-day ride from Seattle to Portland--a distance of over 200 miles).

Ria was always reliable, showing up on time to all of our sessions, no matter how early they were scheduled, how horrible the weather, or how tired she was. She was a true professional, always appropriately dressed and prepared with challenging workouts and equipment, such as boxing gloves and bands.

Ria is completely committed to the success of her clients. She will conduct research to find answers to questions she does not already know. And she is an extremely hard worker. She would sometimes tell me the number of classes and personal training sessions she had on a particular day, and I would find myself overwhelmed by her schedule. Yet even when I would be her last client in the evening, she always exuded enthusiasm and energy for our training sessions.

I had the opportunity to work with Ria in a group setting, as well, when she began offering weekly training sessions at my place of employment. Ria was always attuned to how well each individual in the group was doing and regularly modified exercises to make them more or less difficult, depending on a particular individual's needs.

I miss Ria terribly, and I would rehire her in a heartbeat if she ever moved back to San Francisco. I highly recommend Ria Zervos for a position as a personal trainer, fitness class instructor, fitness club manager, fitness presenter, or any other position to which Ria decided to apply her considerable talent and energy.