Years of Injuries, Now Pain Free

Submitted by: Clark Gadd

Tara's Success Story

I admit when I first joined, I was not interested in Personal Training. I was a Division 1 college soccer player at the University of Toledo and I did not think I needed anyone to tell me how to exercise. I had worked with strength coaches, physical therapists and college trainers for the past four years. I suffered three knee injuries on my left knee. I followed the doctor’s orders and went through physical therapy for the first two surgeries while playing soccer. The last knee surgery came about after I was done with college sports.

I had the third surgery earlier this year. I realized quickly after I was released from physical therapy after a month, I was not ready to run or play any other sports without some extra care. I tried to do exercises on my own after work, but I became frustrated when the pain in my knee returned. I revisited my orthopedic surgeon and he recommended I meet with Clark Gadd.

I was very skeptical about using a Personal Trainer, but I decided to meet with Clark. I explained to him that I was simply looking to live a pain free lifestyle. After three surgeries on the same knee by the age of 24, I had grown used to the constant, nagging pain. Clark listened to my concerns and needs to use his sessions as an extension from physical therapy.

After the first month of working with Clark twice a week, I had already eliminated my pain. As we progressed in our training I regained my balance, strength and stamina to begin running and playing other sports again. I was now able to kneel, do deep squats and sit cross legged comfortably for long periods of time. These are activities I haven’t been able to do for the past decade! The personalized plan Clark set up for me got me excited that I could lead a very active life once again.

Not only did Clark help me physically, but he has also been working with me to change my diet to maintain a healthy weight. The constant emotional and physical support I receive from Clark has exceeded my expectations of personal training. Clark has transformed my once negative emotions toward lifting, training and cardio fitness into positive and energizing emotions.

Tara Witt