Submitted by: Danny Kavadlo

's Success Story

“I was always strong“ but with a gut. Danny Kavadlo LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. By opening my eyes to different styles of training, my body is better now at 36 than it was when it was 18. I have a SIX PACK where I used to have a keg !”

Joe V, production manager

“I met Danny at age 64 having never done a push-up in my life. Now I can do 10 without breaking a sweat.”
Mike A, attorney, retired

“Fitness is a huge part of my life. My livelihood depends on it ! Because of Danny, I KNOW I’M GETTING BETTER all the time. I’ve never been more on top of my game. Plus“ HE MAKES WORKING OUT FUN !”
Ella Z, fitness model

“I first started training with Danny 4 years ago. Prior to that, my weight had gone up and down my whole life. It was like a roller coaster and I didn’t know why. Danny not only helped me LOSE the WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF, but he changed my relationship with food and exercise. I went from 185 to 130 lbs in the first year and a half, and have maintained it since. I have never felt better about myself.”
Laura B, architect