WOW! Talk about the 'Mary Ann' Difference!

Submitted by: Mary Ann Wood

Diana's Success Story

WOW is what comes to mind when I think about the difference Mary Ann has made in my life/health recently. The pictures speak volumes. I started out by attending her “boot camp” and followed through with individual sessions, and I could not be happier with the results. I have always used cardio workouts (walking or running) to achieve weight loss and some level of fitness. In the past I have feared a traditional work out of weight lifting etc. Working these past few months with Mary Ann has changed all that. Her positive attitude overcame my reluctance to put in the sweat and hard work. She always manages to provide the right motivation to get this done! One of the things I like about working out with Mary Ann is that I can trust her to provide the motivation for me to push myself, yet knows when to pull back a bit to avoid any chance of injury. Having this level of trust in your trainer is a must.

Mary Ann also instructs her clients in other aspects of healthy living through the need for cardio workouts, proper nutrition, and hydration. She has the knowledge (or will research the issue) if you need help with issues that arise while getting back into shape such as soreness or natural limitations from previous injury. She manages to encourage healthy habits while recognizing the need to have a treat or take a day off, which makes the program so doable. To anyone determined to make changes toward a healthier way of life, and feeling and looking better, I recommend Mary Ann and Sculpted a Body by Design wholeheartedly!