WOW-I can reach further, stretch deeper and move easier than ever before!

Submitted by: Monica Root

Julie's Success Story

Well, not only does the increased energy help with everything, but I am liking my stronger body too! Just being able to do things around the house that I used to need help with! I sleep so much better, and my attitude toward exercise has improved so much! I feel comfortable around people more feeling like the fattest girl in the room. My husband likes the new confident me! My kids are so excited for me - encouraging me all the way!

My most favorite thing is conquering the "food-tude". Food is no longer the enemy, we are friends now! I have learned how to eat to fuel my body, thanks to you, and I no longer turn to food for comfort. I turn to exercise! How amazing is that little turnaround?

I could NOT have done this on my own - believe me I've tried everything on my own! What has helped is the instruction you give along with your exercises. I feel like I actually am understanding more about how my muscles work and how to strengthen and tone them - not just go through a bunch of motions I'm not sure will help anyway. The coaching, encouragement, instruction, motivation, extra push when I need it - keeps me wanting to keep at it! Proof is in the inches lost! Can't wait to watch those numbers change again!
What else can I say - it's been a total body transformation! And I'm not finished yet! I KNOW now that with your help I will reach those goals!

Thanks so much - you have no idea how much I appreciate all the help you've given and keep giving! You are a blessing - to me and my family!

Lots of !!!! in this letter - I guess I'm just a little excited!