Submitted by: Bill Ross

Kristen's Success Story

Through joining Ross Fitness Elite, I have been able to bring my body to new levels of appearance and strength. I have been an athlete all my life and even though I have had the opportunity and access to collegiate trainers, I have never been able to reach the level of fitness I desired or understand my body more.

When joining Ross Fitness Elite, I came with specific goals in mind and what I thought to be an understanding of how my body functioned. In the first meeting, I knew that their main concern was reaching my target goals and even surpassing them. As the workouts began, they were unlike any other training I have done before. 30minutes of intense body sculpting exercises, paired with 30 minutes of cardio, which was designed to my body configuration, worked in unison and began to change my body in ways I had previously given up on.

Not only was I able to see fast results; Bill Ross has been the only trainer, out of numerous collegiate and personal trainers, in addition to physical therapists, to identify my muscle problems and get to the root of them through massage therapy. I could not believe that I had wasted so many hours in a rehabilitation center working on my knee issues, when in one session Bill was able to identify that my problems stemmed from my muscles just by assessing me performing simple exercises. From receiving massage therapy, I have been able to feel a huge difference in flexibility, muscle tension, and decrease in joint pain.

All in all, my experience with Ross Fitness has been one I would recommend anyone. Whether you are looking to keep up a good fitness regimen, change your body composition, or relax in a therapeutic massage, Ross Fitness Elite is highly qualified to meet all your needs.

Kristen F.

Bill Ross

ACSM, AFAA, NASM, NESTA, Spencer Institute
Verified Cert/Training
IDEA Member