Workout Drama Queen

Submitted by: Natalie Shovelain

Rachel's Success Story

Let me start off by saying, I am a recovering ‘Workout Drama Queen’. It only took one or two sessions before Natalie, my trainer, realized she had a workout Diva on her hands. By this I mean, I HATED working out and I’m pretty sure it showed!

Let me explain myself“ When I was younger, (I was lucky) I did not have to really worry about my weight, but my 10lb, 10oz baby changed all of that. I knew what I had to do (to get back in shape), but with a newborn infant, the last thing I wanted to do was workout.

I could handle “eating right”, but working out in the midst of nursing, diaper changing, sleepless nights, and entertaining a newborn was a hard enough. So, throwing exercise into the mix was a hard concept to grasp because I didn’t really workout much BEFORE the baby. That’s when Natalie got a hold of me“.

As of this morning, I have lost 12 pounds since I started with Natalie (officially back to my pre-baby weight) and lost a total of 11 inches! And if you see me at a gym, I won’t be putting on a theatrical performance (dragging my feet, falling to the floor, crawling around and dramatizing the pain or telling a story to kill time). I have been drama free for a few months now. I may still talk your ear off, but I’ll be working out while I’m doing it .

So, you might be wondering“ How did I do it???

* I hired a TRAINER to hold me accountable to show up and actually exercise for through the entire hour. I don’t think I realized how important this was for me. One of the characteristics of a workout Drama queen is that they do a lot more complaining than actually working out.
* Also, for me, WORKING OUT WITH A FRIEND (group training) was really motivating. Having my friend, Renee, workout with me helped make it more of a social thing. I started looking forward to hanging out with Renee and Natalie more than I dreaded exercising.
* I also loved the BEFORE AND AFTER pictures. Didn’t love taking the before picture, but being able to see how far I’ve come has really motivated me.

When we started, I told Natalie that I didn’t care about what the scale said as I did about the way I felt and looked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy the scale reflects a much lower number, but even more than that“ I’m happy to be back in my old jeans and loving the way I feel.

Since reaching my goals, I have started working out regularly on my own. I appreciate the kick in the butt (I needed) to get started. In the words of my younger sister “I don’t know what you are paying that girl (Natalie), but she’s worth every penny”. I’d have to say, I agree!!!

I still, however, really hate running (especially stop sign runs)“ but I’m smiling in my skinny jeans while I say that.


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