Why I chose Cindy

Submitted by: Cindy Asch-Martin

Peggy S's Success Story

I have been a client of Cindy’s since September 2000. During my twice weekly workouts, Cindy has never failed to provide me with challenges, encouragement, variety and motivation.

Cindy is a true professional with regard to scheduling and punctuality. She is always concerned for safety and etiquette in the gym. She is also constantly improving her own knowledge of the body, workouts, nutrition and human nature.

Cindy has taught me by example. She is dedicated to her own fitness and wellness and projects that lifestyle to all of us who have been able to train with her.

Cindy’s focus is always on her client. During our sessions she is constantly checking form and gauging my exertion on every rep. She is not just counting reps, she is working you out to get your goals met.

I have recommended Cindy to several friends whom she has agreed to take on as clients and I know they are equally impressed and more than satisfied with her programs and instruction.

While I wish Cindy all the happiness and joy her new situation will bring, I am certain I will never be able to find another trainer with her dedication and professionalism.