Why I chose Cindy

Submitted by: Cindy Asch-Martin

Angela S's Success Story

In January 2000, I decided to enhance my fitness regime by purchasing some sessions with a professional trainer. I took one look at Cindy and knew I had to have her as my trainer. Her body is phenomenal and she was the only trainer in the centre to look like a “trainer”.

My initial one-to-one consultation with Cindy was the start of my total body transformation. She took the time to customize a program that suited me. She was very careful not to overwhelm me because she sensed my hesitation. Her soothing voice and professional demeanor was very comforting. Our one hour sessions together were my retreat and haven. Our trainer and client relationship soon fused and she became my mentor.

As a professional purchaser in the electronic engineering field, I am dealing with professional engineers, technicians, and project managers. I can truly say that Cindy Asch’s professionalism is above and beyond many people I have come in contact with.

My physical body has transformed and my goals have been met. She has educated me on safety and longevity and I now feel confident to workout on my own.

I am sad to see her leave but I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to train with an outstanding individual. I know that no matter where she goes her wealth of knowledge and physical ability will improve the lives of many.