Why I became a Personal Trainer

Submitted by: Shane Thurston

Shane Thurston's Success Story

A large part of my life has been devoted to two of my favorite sports: Baseball & Basketball, both of which I have been an official for the last 4 years in both the USA and across Canada.

During college I played baseball for two years and my talent was quickly recognized by scouts for such Major League teams as the Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, and Arizona Diamondbacks.
A severe back injury put my dreams of playing Major League Baseball to an abrupt and painful halt.

Although initially it was a difficult realization to concur it opened up more doors and insight to what my larger purpose in life was: to use my knowledge, talents and education to benefit and inspire others.
I have personally watched my physical body change from an extremely fit athlete to post injury and out of shape.

I was limited with the level of activity my body would allow as I was recovering and empathize with those who have something holding them back from achieving their fitness goals.

It was this journey that leads me to a bigger mission- to help people overcome their obstacles to achieve one of the most important and rewarding goals- optimal health.

The level of understanding I have gained from studying for my Personal Training Certification combined with my Bachelors Degree was the foundation and basis of how I was able to restore my body.
These were the catalysts that have allowed me to transform my strength, beliefs, body and health- to a far superior condition than I was able to accomplish before!

Whether it is a sport specific work program for athletes or for someone who is just starting out; I would love to share all of the knowledge I have gained through both personal life experience and the many hours of study and help them celebrate the joy of success.


Shane Thurston Before


Shane Thurston After