What people are saying about GROOV3

Submitted by: Benjamin Allen

's Success Story

“Ben not only works your body good, he’s darn good for the spirit too”

“Ben gives the best dance class anywhere!”

“Love it, love it – fun, great workout and soulful”

“No stress, just fun”

“Ben radiates positive energy and love, while completely kicking your ass”

“G3 makes getting healthy fun”

“Music and dance mean everything to me and GROOV3 has fulfilled my soul plus more”

“It’s a great workout but I also feel challenged with the moves. The Live DJ element is great too”

“I look forward to this class every week. Ben is amazing and GROOV3 rocks my world”

“There is no prejudice in dance! I have two left feet, but I love to GROOV3”

“I sweat out my day at GROOV3”

“GROOV3 makes me happy. Dancing with everyone is like a party on Sunday”




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