What ordinary runners are saying about Coach Gill & ChiRunning

Submitted by: Gill Schumaker

Julia & Bob's Success Story

Thanks so much for the very helpful ChiRunning class today. My expectations were exceeded and I think I gained a much better understanding of the techniques. It was really cool to have it all fall into place because it felt so good and it didnt hurt!!! I went out and practiced a bit when I got home and managed to find that "sweet spot" but noticed that I have really gotten out of shape. So I think you would advise me to take baby steps and practice, practice, practice and gradually increase the time of my runs. Hope to work with you again in the future.

Julie Varga, Chicago
Injured runner

Hi Coach Gill:

Thank you for the email and picture! It was a diverse, yet great group of runners and we really enjoyed being with them, and you as well, last Saturday.

Positive Feedback: You did a very good job. I watched the DVD, read the book, practiced on my own, but I needed a pro to show me firsthand what I was doing right and wrong. And that you did! I'm glad that you pointed out my mistakes in front of the group. I will not forget them. This, of course, may embarrass or bother some folks, but I am not one of them. You also provided some finer points that were either not covered in the book/DVD, or not covered well enough. Bottom line: you can't beat real-life instruction.

Negative: The weather. Totally not your fault. (And I absolutely loved running in the snow with the rest of the group.)

Thank you, Gill, for an awesome class and great weekend. The only thing that prevents me from showing up every weekend to run with your group is the 2 hour drive. Have a safe & happy holiday!

Bob Nicholas, Morris, IL
Running Esperience: 30 years (the worg way).