What I Learned In Pilates Has Carried Over Into My Everyday Life

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Ann C.'s Success Story

STOTT Pilates has taught me that practice and patience do make perfect. I have done various forms of exercise my whole life, but have never really stuck with any of them because of discouragement from my immediate lack of skill and lack of self-confidence. I had always assumed that people who were good at an exercise or sport (e.g., tennis, swimming, golf, etc) were just naturally talented, i.e., they were immediately good when they began the sport. Because of this belief, and because I have never been perfect when I began a new exercise, I would always drop the exercise after a few attempts.

I began doing STOTT Pilates about 1.5 years ago. I was very discouraged in the beginning because I could not immediately do all of the moves. I was very fortunate to begin my lessons with a STOTT trained Pilates instructor named Deb Preachuk. Deb was a very patient instructor and encouraged my progress and was able to manage my discouragement. With Deb's instruction, I have continued with Pilates for over 1.5 years. Through the 1.5 years, I have progressed from being barely able to do ab prep, to being able to do some of more advanced moves. Beyond the sense of accomplishment I have achieved from Pilates, I have learned that practice does make perfect. I stuck with Pilates despite my discouragement, and to my amazement I have seen improvements every week. I learned that it does take time and effort to move from the beginning moves to the advanced moves.

I have carried this insight into other areas of my life. I recently started a new job and was able to fall back on what I learned in Pilates to help me through the job. I remembered that I felt uncoordinated and awkward when I learned new Pilates moves, but as I practiced the moves, they became natural and more refined. With the insight from Pilates, I was able to reframe how I looked at my new job and accept that I would be uncomfortable with my new responsibilities, but with practice, the new responsibilities would become natural and more refined.

Pilates has taught me to accept that I am a beginner when I attempt anything new but with practice, I can become skilled. It has allowed me to try new things and accept the awkwardness and discomfort that comes with anything new.

Ann C