What are you waiting for?

Submitted by: Jason Kozma

Katie's Success Story

Jason Kozma is no-nonsense, but his diet really works.  He is extremely professional and courteous.  Through his diet, I have lost not only an abundance of weight, but gained muscle.  He is tough: prefacing his diet: if you aren't losing weight you are doing something wrong, which is true.  It is totally fail-proof.  So, if you want to lose weight, he is your man.  I trained with two of his trainers: Deena and Ruben for close to a year, until I sadly moved away.  They were both beyond awesome.    Deena was so innovative and in-touch with my body, I wish I could pack her in my moving truck and keep her.  She had the perfect amount of involvement in my life, both keeping me focused on my goals and knowing when to back off.  She is tough and motivating.  She is a life-coach, trainer, and friend.  Ruben trained me for boxing.  He almost inspired me to get in the ring.  He was so knowledgeable about both boxing and the body, I felt very comfortable and motivated.  He is a true gem of the workout world.  Clearly: Jason only manifests the best: the best diet, the best company, and truly the best trainers in the world.  What are you waiting for?