What an experience runner had to say about ChiRunning back when it all started.

Submitted by: Gill Schumaker

Bob's Success Story

". . . my training stays on track. . ."

I wrote this success story and sent it to Danny Dreyer back in January of 1999.
Hi Danny: to further validate the impact your book has made on my running. I have been able to complete 4 marathons in the past 4 months. Danny, after each run, no part of my body felt painful, or was the race grueling on my body. My health has been better, the legs are comfortable, and each race has marked improvement in style and time. I had run two marathons to opening your book, but took a long road to recover after each. Now, after just one day of rest, my training stays on track.
Thank you for your book's approach to running and life.
Bob Herskovitz, (akaTrail Bob)
Glencoe IL