Weightloss Success!!

Submitted by: Kari Shardy

Vanessa Grozier's Success Story

Here I am at 250 lbs. I could not walk 1/2 mile, then the doc put me on 3 blood pressure medicines and told me to get the weight off; to get off the blood pressure med. so I started walking at home, then joined 24 hr about 4 yrs ago. I have lost 125 lbs and have maintained that for almost 3 yrs now. My pant size used to be 42x32 now there 29-30x32.
Things I can do now:
• Everything!
• Jail break 5k mud run, Big D climb 14 min
• Cowtown 1/2 marathon 3 hrs
• Warrior dash 46 min
I look better and feel better. Thanks Kari for the help and pain and love and support and laughter your the best


Vanessa Grozier Before


Vanessa Grozier After