Weight Loss, Posture and Balance Correction, Strength Improvement

Submitted by: Jordan Farnsworth

Jake's Success Story

I had the pleasure to train with Jordan for one year before a job change required me to leave the Westside. After years of sitting at desk and general neglect of consistent exercise I had developed very poor posture, which was creating back problems and a bit of a gut. In just one year with Jordan's guidance and training I was able to lose 30 pounds, correct my posture, achieve greater balance, and improve my overall strength. I have also found my ability to enjoy physical activities like snowboarding and basketball to be markedly improved thanks to Jordan's assistance. Jordan is a consummate professional. He is passionate about his client's overall health, not to mention extremely knowledgeable and creative in helping them achieve their fitness goals. It was a pleasure to work with Jordan. I could not recommend his services highly enough.