Weight Loss Male Client

Submitted by: Nitasha Canine

Hank's Success Story

My name is Hank Gundlach. I'm a 56 years old financial advisor and have been working with Nitasha for the past nine months. When I began working with Nitasha, my goal was to lose approximately 50 lbs and achieve general fitness appropriate to my age. So far I've been successful in losing 30 lbs and getting back into a wardrobe I haven't worn in several years. Nitasha has been wonderful in helping me develop realistic long and short-term goals, develop a healthy, nutritional diet plan, and provided a training regime adapted to my specific needs. I've offered her many challenges over the months due to aging issues, but she has been incredible in finding ways to keep our program on track by working around these problems as they occurred. She is someone who truly cares about helping people be the best they can be and is as much of a cheerleader and coach as she is a trainer. I've also had the opportunity to use her skills as a massage therapist as well, and she is without peer. I've used personal trainers in the past. Some of them have been very good. The difference with Nitasha is that she is someone you'd want in the foxhole with you. She has tremendous skills and just as great powers of observation. She can see what's working for you and what is not, and adapts. Her warm personality and perceptive spirit makes you want to keep on track and stay motivated. We all know the ultimate work is up to us, but we also need to have people in our corner. Nitasha is someone you want to have in your corner. Good success!