Weight loss, improved health and happier dog!

Submitted by: Dawn Celapino

Hollis Dixon's Success Story

Hollis came to me with leg pain. I began helping her with that when she confided in me that she was now the heaviest that she has ever been. I informed her that I could help her with that. I gave her some nutrition guidelines to follow, she began doing food journals and her exercises that I gave her to do at home as well as coming to our "Leash Your Fitness --Bonding with Boot camp classes" and within 3 months, she lost 35 lbs and has kept is off. She feels better than she has felt in years with energy to spare! She can no longer blame menopause for her weight gain like so many women do. Added bonus, her dog, Mango lost weight and her behavior toward other dogs has gotten much better since coming to class.


Hollis Dixon Before


Hollis Dixon After