Weight Loss and Knee injury

Submitted by: Pascha Brown

Noadiah's Success Story

"When I met Pasha I had been through some rough times. My son was about three and I had suddenly noticed after having a kid that my time for working out disappeared. I was about thirty pounds over my normal weight, had terrible planter fasciitis and my knees constantly ached. Approaching 40 years old I was starting to feel like my days as an athlete were over. Then I met Pasha. She immediately was approachable and quelled all my insecurities. She developed a program for me that was at first gentle and then gradually increased my workout without me noticing. I lost all the weight and then began to change my fitness level in amazing ways.

She taught me breathing, my legs became strong and balanced and my knee pain disappeared. My feet stopped hurting and my belly stopped bulging. I started to understand what all the fuss was about core strength. I felt strong all over and after about 6 months I felt I was in the best shape of my life. I continue to see Pasha and over the years have been continually impressed by her ability to read my mood, and strength of the day and to always alter my workout. She is motivating, caring and one of the most knowledgeable fitness trainers I have ever encountered. Plus, she has a great sense of humor. I can with utmost honesty say that working with Pasha on my fitness has changed my life in innumerable ways."