Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Submitted by: Natalie Shovelain

Jamie's Success Story

I have been blessed with a pretty good metabolism that, combined with decent food choices, has kept me relatively slim. And then I had a baby“

I thank breast feeding for a good portion of my weight loss after my daughter was born, but 3 months later, I still had 8-10 lbs to shed. So, I gathered up all my courage and got a personal trainer. Best. Investment. Ever.

Even though I dreaded exercising, I went to Natalie to try and get my old shape back. Not only did I get my old shape, but I actually went a little further and got my college shape back! Not an easy thing to do.

Working out after having a baby is so tough. Your body is weak and everything seems harder. Natalie was patient and let me set the pace, but she also pushed me when I needed it and encouraged me to try harder.

But the first thing on her list was getting me to run (in addition to weight training). While in theory I understood the whole idea of running and weight loss going together, in practice I was skeptical of the results. I am no runner. In fact, I avoided it like the plague for, oh, the last 13 years or so, or ever since I finished my Phys Ed requirement in high school.

So, those first runs were ludicrous. I would walk 4 minutes and run for 1 minute. Longest minute of my life! I was so nervous that I’d get too tired that I made tiny circles around my block and did five or six laps. A neighbor would sometimes compliment me on getting out there, and I’d secretly laugh. I was not running. I was hyperventilating.

I am amazed at how far I’ve come since then. I completed my first 5k last summer, and I finally consider myself a runner. In case you were wondering, three days of running and two days of weight training with Natalie each week (on top of breastfeeding) equaled a weight loss total of 20lbs!

Now, I can lift and carry my sweet 19 month old daughter with no problems. I can feel how much stronger I am, and I love it.


Jamie After