Weight Loss 85 lbs

Submitted by: Alyse Mirabelli

Libby's Success Story

My life and nutrition were a mess. I had unhealthy eating habits, no energy and was overweight. I ate emotionally, rather than eating balanced foods. Then I started working with Alyse and other people and changed my outlook on nutrition.
I was completely motivated by the success I was seeing. Then I started doing Weight Loss Challenges. Being around others who were working toward the same goals and struggling with the same issues was extremely motivational for me. Being in a group got me over the hard times because I was accountable to them, just as they were accountable to me.
I feel like I have a future now. I’m a lot happier, more confident and I notice more people are gravitating to me now, thanks to my success. My team and my clients continue to motivate me.
The secret of my success is not quitting. There are a lot of challenges that come up in life, and life’s not going to change, but your perception of the situation can change, and that was a major factor for me. A lot of personal development was involved. This is a lifelong journey. I’m not done yet.


Libby Before


Libby After