Weight Loss

Submitted by: Lisa Dougherty

Phu's Success Story

I'm a 31 year old guy that's been fat (270 lbs. at 5'8") my entire life. I've tried pills, exercise, joined fitness clubs, bought thousands of dollars of in-home gym equipments ........ only to give up after a while and revert to my old, comfortable ways.

Well, at the beginning of this year, I told myself I'm going to lose the weight, I'm going to be healthy! I have a one year old baby now, and boy if there's anything that's going to make you get your priorities straight?

My wife works at Santa Ana College with Cher & Carl Carrera (they have shared her success story on WBF website, and Cher referred us to Lisa Dougherty. So I thought I'd give it a shot and give Lisa a call. After talking to her and reading through WBF website, I told my wife I didn't want to do the program. I thought, they're only going to say what I already know; eat healthy and exercise. How hard can that be? I don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for that? So, I decided to call up Lisa and tell her thanks, but no thanks. When I called up Lisa, she talked me back into joining her program.

Besides marrying my wife, that has been the BEST decision of my life.

The program began with some tests; Lisa did a food/nutrition analysis of my diet and I got dunked (way cool). Getting dunked (Fitness Wave) is an underwater weight test and breathing test that gave me critical numbers about my metabolism and body fat %. With these numbers, Lisa mapped out a program that was going to change my eating habits, and she hooked me up with Kent (my personal trainer) to get me to begin exercising regularly, all with a goal of losing 90 pounds (down to about 180 lbs.) by the end of the year. My first goal was to be down to 248 lbs. by April 1st. It's March 30 when I wrote this article, and yesterday when I weighed myself, I was 248.8 lbs. So, goal #1 accomplished! Next goal, 218 by July 1st. Hope y'alls check back next at the next newsletter for an update.

But losing 21 lbs in 3 months is only a small part of my story. I want to share with you how my life has completely changed. In the beginning, I just wanted to lose the weight. I thought about getting the lapband procedure. I thought about lipo suction. I thought about low carb diets, and high carb diets, low protein diets, and high protein diets. But I also knew that if this was going to be a life changing decision, it would require life style changes. And this is where Lisa's program is the best program out there. It's really quite a simple and logical program.

- Eat a balanced diet of healthy, nutritious foods.
- Eat in moderation
- Exercise consistently

I used to think that eating healthy only means eating low calorie or low fat foods. Boy was I wrong. I'm Vietnamese, and the 2 biggest killers amongst Vietnamese are hypertension and diabetes.

We Vietnamese are more susceptible to hypertension because we eat a lot of salty foods. Almost every meal involves fish sauce, which is loaded with sodium. Another example is Pho. A bowl of Pho has about 2000-2500 milligrams of sodium. Well, your recommended daily intake is 2500 milligrams of sodium. So, if you eat of bowl of Pho, that's almost equal 100% of your entire day's recommended sodium intake.

The other killer in the Vietnamese community is diabetes. Simply put, diabetes when your sugar levels are high. Well, almost every Vietnamese meal is served with white rice, which turns into sugar, but without any nutrients. That's why we see so many older Vietnamese die of diabetes. So, what I've done and what I'd recommended to everyone, especially my fellow Vietnamese, is to switch to brown rice. Brown rice has all the nutrients that white rice has been stripped of. But even if you do switch to brown rice, you must moderate your intake (because us Vietnamese eat too much rice to begin with!).

Aside from eating less fatty and lower calorie foods, and watching my sodium and sugar intake, I've also learned you must eat a balanced diet. Fats, carbs, proteins, dairies, sugars, sodium, vitamins etc., are all important. So, the key is getting the correct amount of each nutrients into your body. That's why Atkins or all these other diets that over-emplasize some nutrients and while depriving your body of others, might help you lose the weight in the short-run, but will do tremendous harm to your body in the long-run.

These are just some of the things I've learned about nutrition. But nutrition is only half the story. Eating right without exercise is like going to a basketball game and leaving at halftime.

Before I started exercising, my body used to get really tired at the end of a long day's work. My joints would ache and I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV. I didn't have the energy do anything. Since exercising consistently, the aching of my joints have disappeared and my energy level is way up, especially after a good workout day (in which I burn over 1000 calories easily). I've learned that you can eat the healthiest foods in the world, but if you don't exercise, you will not be a healthy person. The foods you eat will turn into fat instead of muscle, and your body will get used to being lazy and inactive, and in turn, it will affect your body, metabolism, energy level, and psyche. So, as Covert Baily said, eating right has to be coupled with exercise. No exceptions!

So, all in all, the program has gone great. I don't feel like I'm on a diet, but more that I've made a lifestyle change; to be more healthy, to be more balanced, to be more fit. And I hope my story will inspire others to do the same. You owe it to your loved ones, and to yourself.
Anyways, I just want to say THANK YOU!!! You really opened my eyes about nutrition and healthy eating. You really saved my life. And feel free to share my success story with anyone. I owe you big time.

alright, you have a great day now,
take care,
yours gratefully,

Phu Nguyen