Weight Loss

Submitted by: Lisa Dougherty

Theresa's Success Story

Theresa Kasprzyk, Director of Development
American Family Housing

I started working with Lisa Dougherty, as my personal fitness trainer, in March. After a few sessions it was clear that I was being coached by an expert in health, fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss and fitness were the main reasons for hiring Lisa, but I was also looking to make some lifestyle changes that would help me form better habits so I wouldn’t slide back into my old pattern of losing weight and gaining it back later. Lisa explained her most successful clients participate in fitness training and the Lifestyle Weight Management Program, and that I would gain a deeper understanding of how exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand in creating the body I wanted. Her program is not a diet. It is about being good to your body and giving it what it needs to be the best it can be.

Over the next six weeks in the LWM program I was given all of the tools and support I needed to make the changes in my shopping, dining and eating habits that are now integrated into my daily routine. Lisa analyzed what I was eating from my food diary. I went to Fitness Wave and had my body fat and metabolism measured. We met at her home for in depth discussions of how we would work together and what results I could expect. She brought out a lot of things from her own pantry to show me how to make better choices comparing brands and products. She also told me how she manages her nutrition with her busy schedule. I saw first hand how it could be done and that I really had limitless possibilities in creating a fun and healthy menu. Faithfully, I followed Lisa’s lessons. I took her suggestions. I did my homework. I read the materials and watched the videos. I asked my questions. Lisa gave me great insights into how the body really responds best to a variety of whole foods rather than prepackaged meals, fast food, or even my daily breakfast smoothie.

I honestly did not know how absent of nutrition my eating habits had been! Lisa prepared an analysis that showed on a graph how little value I was getting for the vast amount of calories I was consuming. Each week, I turned in my food diary and upon reviewing it with Lisa, I made subtle changes week by week. I put her program to the test and everything she suggested is based on sound nutrition, realistic planning, and practical guidelines for optimum health. As I implemented each change, I noticed my energy increase; I began sleeping more restfully; I managed my high stress job better; my workouts were more effective; and the pounds were dropping.

The LWM program has taught me how to make smart choices for my body when it comes to shopping for groceries, preparing my food, dining out, and eating well for the rest of my life. To date, I’ve lost 20 pounds and I feel great. Working with Lisa is great experience. She required a lot and matched every effort I made with equal enthusiasm, support, encouragement and expertise. I’ve completed the LWM program and have not stopped using the principles that have become healthy everyday habits. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their health, lose weight or experience how good you can feel if you treat yourself well.