Weight Loss

Submitted by: Melvin Royster

Lea's Success Story

About two years ago, I decided to tag along with my best friend to her workout class. She had just recently dropped a large amount of weight from this class that she attended. Not only did she shed lots of pounds but she also became more toned and healthy than she already was. I saw how much she enjoyed these classes & since we had always been workout partners and loved working out together, I had to give it a shot. I have always been a larger girl but for some reason always enjoyed working out. I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried the class but I certainly didn't expect what was in store for me in the future.

The great part about this group is everyone welcomes you in with open arms, and is willing to help you no matter what level of experience or skill that you have. You will inevitably become better in every aspect possible. Your body, mind, and health are all taken care of when you join group fitness. I not only had received a bunch of new friends, I also received a therapy group. It's funny how I can have the worst day in the world or the best and still after every class I feel better then I did when I arrived. Everyone is there for you to cheer you on while you are on your own race to a new you. To this day the class pushes me to the next level, helping me built my own health goals. I dropped over 60 pounds after changing health patterns and I cannot be anymore appreciative for the help that The Fitness Craze has done for me because without them that wouldn't have been attainable. I dreamt my whole life to be able to be where I am now and I know that I will even attain and surpass my original goals. The thought that this is even a possible idea is completely astonishing to me. Never would I imagine that tagging along with my best friend for a workout class one Monday evening after work would actually build me a new, better and much stronger future.

The Fitness Craze has a bunch of awesome classes to choose from and with such a variety it makes so much fun to attend them all the time. Kickboxing, Core, Craze Pump and Total Conditioning are just a few of the classes I attend on a regular basis. I actually want to go workout now and everyone knows the hardest part of the workout is getting there. This makes it much easier to retain a consistent path of working out regularly. You have a blast while working hard, sweating and releasing all you're built up energy & stress. Who would've thought? But don't take my word for it, give it a shot. I guarantee you won't regret your decision to try. Plus, I don't think anybody really minds that feeling of being on top of the world after a great workout or looking & feeling great!

Lea N.
Bel Air, Maryland